Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Welcome Brianna Cain!

It's one of those times where you hope you haven't embarrassed yourself. . . .

Recently a friend suggested I write a romantic suspense story. Nina Talikova, the female co-protagonist in my Steve Dane stories, is very popular. Basically, my friend wanted to know what a story with just Nina might be like, so I did some research, read a few books, and saw how well books in the romantic suspense category (or, rather, R/S, but only if you're with the cool kids) sell. I said, what the heck, worst case I end up with a stand-alone story under my own name.

So I set aside two months to write the manuscript. Came up with a smashing idea, I think, of a young CIA agent trying to discover if her father is a traitor, and in the process she must mend fences with her ex-boyfriend and that's where all the steamy romancy heaving and thrusting happens (spoilers).

I spent another month on editing, had some friends read it, and when they didn't laugh, but instead gave me a hard time for not having more sex in it (who knew I had such a perverted group of friends--male and female!), I thought I might have something worthwhile after all.

A man can't write romantic suspense under his real name, I thought, so I created a feminized version of my first name with a different surname. Fun fact: I once worked under the name Brian Cain, so that's where it came from. (Huge Paul Cain fan, don't you know.) What goes around and all that.

You can see the book on the Kindle Scout program website. Kindle Scout is what I'm describing as Amazon's version of American Idol--if you're popular enough, they'll publish the story. I would be very grateful if you'd give it a click and a nomination. If you have an Amazon account, use your username and password to get in. The first three chapters are available to read, so you can base your decision to click or not on that. If you don't like it, that's OK.

Here is the link, and you can see the cover on the right:


By the way, if you're looking for a new subject matter to try, for sure try romantic suspense. They're fun, the romance indie community has a great "ground game", and I really enjoyed writing the book. I have two more planned, but don't tell anybody.