Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Other Identity

Are you one of those writers who has a stack of material in a file? Things you think would make good books or short stories that you'll "get to someday"? I've got a trunk full. Stuff I'll never get to or even live long enough to write. The other day I figured out a way to actually use some of that stuff. Like other writers before me, I'm going to use another name to write those "other books".

I've selected "Dean Breckenridge" for my new pen name. I just pulled it out of my rear end. My own books will be the Steve Dane series and other full-scale thrillers in the traditional form; under the Breckenridge name, I'll do pulpy crime stories. Most of those ideas I'll never get to are things I thought were too generic; upon new examination, they're actually okay, but still not something I want to do under my own name, so I'll make use of them under this new identity.

I'm in the middle of the first Breckenridge book, Blood Cries, about a war vet coming home to find out who raped his sister. It's turning into a really good vigilante action story. It will probably be short, but that's okay. A short, punchy action story is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

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