Wednesday, September 6, 2017

42 Years Ago Today....

....I was born in Minnesota, reportedly in the same hospital as F. Scott Fitzgerald, but nobody has ever bothered to check, let alone me because who has time, and, besides, it's better just to assume. What makes this year significant is that, unlike every other birthday where I evaluate where I am in life and bemoan my lack of progress in certain things in general and everything in particular, I'm actually finally on the road to something.

1) Engaged to a great gal who's like Nina Talikova in the Steve Dane books. Wedding is this time next year.

2) Five-book deal with Liberty Island Media, the aforementioned Dane books, with the first release due early next year.

3) I have another manuscript under consideration with a major publisher and we'll know the fate of that deal very soon; if it goes south, we have another buyer lined up.

So, yeah, it's a happy birthday.

Whatever you're working toward, don't quit. It might take 25 years but you'll get there. For that #3, I've been sending that particular publisher material since I was 16 years old.


  1. Happy birthday and congrats on all the good news!

  2. Is this deal with Liberty Island Media the reason I can't by the third Steve Dane book anywhere? I've been trying to find it since I finished the second volume, but it's nowhere to be found. It even got removed from my Amazon wishlist!

  3. Ray, My apologies...I did not see your note. I hope you're still checking in. Yes, the Liberty Island deal is the reason the Dane books had to go away, but they will be back soon.