Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In a Lonely Place

At the beginning of the year I sent out a ton of queries to various agents, of which maybe two or three have replied, and, oddly, I had no recollection of why their responses were in the mail box because I had no recall of sending to them in the first place. It's been that kind of year--everything is a blur. Anyway I must have sent them, I told myself, because they came back in SASEs with my handwriting. Unless I have a twin somewhere sending out queries on my behalf, in which case he's doing a lousy job.

One of these responses came from an outfit requesting a synopsis of the spy novel I have written about previously, and now that the package is assembled and ready to mail, I wish I could be more excited about the request. I am told this agency is a Big Deal. I am sure they are, they seem very capable, and I am happy to send my material. But like I said, everything this year has been a blur so far, with many hard knocks thrown my way, so I'm afraid I will have to save the celebratory salsa dance for another time. My dancing abilities aren't quite up to snuff anyway, so praise whichever God you pray to that my dancing is something you don't have to witness.

By the way, the letter also asked for a short bio of myself, and I toyed with the idea of including a small picture in the corner in hopes that the nice lady who requested by material would be blown away by my amazing good looks and sign me simply to get closer to me, but, alas, I have a black-and-white printer, and my face came out looking more pasty-white than I would have liked (no, I'm not Irish), so the picture got tossed. My writing ability will have to suffice, and boy I sure wish I had more going for me.

Anyway, good news is hard to come by, so we will take this as-is and be happy with it. I'm sure when a request for a partial manuscript arrives from this same company, I will be in a better place.