Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rogue Update

You  may have noticed that I removed the links to my "Rogue Gentleman" stories. I had decided to try serializing this novel, but that experiment did not work out, so I am repackaging the sections into a full novel. I expect to have the book out in October; currently, my editor and I are going over the final section, but delays keep pushing back the original release date, which I had hoped would be last week! My editor and I are having a conversation about the piece later today. I don't know if I biffed the whole thing or what but she wants to have "a talk". Ugh. Wish me luck. But the book will be out soon, I swear.

The point is that some of you who did buy the serialized sections have an incomplete story, and my apologies for that. If you bought those sections and wish to read the whole story, send me an email at briandrake88 at yahoo dot com and give me the very last word of the story as proof you have any of the sections. In exchange I will send you a complimentary copy of the whole book.