Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Promised Big Announcement, Or: Look, Mom, A Real Publisher!

I'm late telling you about this, but now that the book is coming out, it seems like the best time to explain my tease from a few months ago.

I recently joined Wolfpack Publishing to co-write some action series (Team Reaper), and they liked my work so much they decided to take on my Stiletto series, too, the previously self-published action series featuring the exploits of a tough CIA agent who later goes freelance.

The first book, The Termination Protocol, drops tomorrow. You can pre-order it now, ebook or very handsome paperback. The second book, The Fairmont Maneuver, is also up for pre-order for release later in May.

The text has not changed from my original editions, so unless you like the snazzy new cover, there's no reason to buy this again.

But, Wolfpack also contracted for FOUR MORE Stiletto titles, so once Book Four hits, you can start adding to the collection.

Many thanks to Mike Bray at Wolfpack for taking me -- and Stiletto -- on board.