Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Whenever a writer has a new story published, the event brings a sense of excitement and anticipation not unlike that of an expectant father. Such is the case with me. The folks at the terrific webzine “Beat to a Pulp” are going to publish a story of mine called The Red Ruby Kill during the last week of September. It will be the first story to appear under the “Brian Drake” name, and that makes it doubly special for me. I’ve used many names on stories over the years, including my real one, but “Drake” is what I’ve settled on. I like one-syllable names (like Bond and Pitt and Holmes) that are punchy and contain sharp sounds. Say it a few times and maybe you’ll see what I mean. Plus, on bookstore shelves, the “D” authors are at eye-level so we’re easy to see.

The Red Ruby Kill has an interesting story behind it. First, it’s a recycled title from another story with a similar stolen gems motif; second, it started as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could tell a story in 3000 words or less, not for any grand purpose, just to see if I could work in such a short amount of space. The story ended at 3200 words, so I consider that a success. I also wanted a hero that wasn’t necessarily good or bad, but definitely somebody who would act in the interest of a friend and not just for himself, and I think you’ll find that Jack Dillon offers a surprise or two, the least of which is his Irish background that may or may not be linked to the troubles in Northern Ireland, which may or may not play into future Dillon adventures.

Right now the story is being prepped for publication, my bio and picture have been submitted, and we eagerly await the end of September.

In the meantime, the gang at “Beat to a Pulp” has an archive of exciting stories waiting for you, where you’ll find work ranging from crime to mystery to what they call “WTF”. Give ‘em a whirl and tell ‘em Brian Drake sent you.


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