Monday, October 12, 2009

The Spy Novel Wins; JFK

In my two previous posts I mentioned National Novel Writing Month and how I was trying to decide whether to do a hard-boiled novel or spy story; the spy story won, and I started early, and it's going great, so I'm very happy... so far.

Tonight the History Channel is showing a program on the JFK killing. It's funny that, having followed the various conspiracy theories and the players involved and watching Stone's movie on the subject two or three times, I know the story backwards and forward, but it's something I'll never stop being curious about, because maybe something new has been learned or discovered. I believe it was the History Channel who did another show a few years ago basically debunking the magic bullet, showing that in the way in which Kennedy and Connelly were seated in the limo, diagonally, because of the way the limo's seats were laid out (Kennedy sitting higher, back and to the right of Connelly), one bullet could have indeed gone through both of them as stated in the commission report. It's really the only thing that's made me question the multiple gunman theory, but nobody else has ever acknowledged the program or followed up on the re-enactment the program did. I've also never seen it repeated, which is why I can't remember the title and why I'm not positive it was on the History Channel. If anybody know which program I'm referring to and knows where I can get a video copy, I'd appreciate a tip.

I often wonder if JFK had lived how the world might be different, but the exercise is moot. Things happened the way they happened and some things would have happened anyway. I'm more concerned with who pulled the trigger. Was it really Oswald, acting alone, or a CIA/Mafia/Cuban/Soviet conspiracy? Maybe we'll never know, but one keeps watching JFK programs just in case.

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