Monday, June 14, 2010

Beat to a Pulp Does It Again!

Not only has Beat to a Pulp published a terrific amount of short fiction, editor David Cramner and his motley crew (hi, Elaine!) have raised the pot by posting a short noir film this week instead of a story.

"One Good Turn" runs about six minutes. What happens when a jogger thinks he's being pursued by a serial killer? That's the story. When you get to the sucker-punch ending, you'll be glad you spent the six minutes watching. It proves that not only is black and white better than color, but that you can tell a really good story without any dialogue and let the pictures do all the talking.

(For some reason I am unable to post a link; cut copy and paste and let your browser take you there and click "weekly punch". You'll be very glad you did.)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review.

    BTAP owes Richard Prosch a big thanks for bringing Ryle Smith to our attention.

  2. A cool little film well worth a look.

  3. And they did poetry the week before!