Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rescued by the Muse

Last post I wrote about my frustration with the current book and that there was something not right with it. I specified one sequence as a problem; however, upon further reading, more and more issues popped up--nothing specific, but I knew something wasn't right. Imagine my surprise, while out on my walk last night in a continuing effort to fight my waistline, when my Muse showed up and started giving me tons of ideas, and they don't require that the whole book go back to the drawing board. In fact, I realized what I have now is the middle of the book, and what came to mind during my walk is the beginning and the end.

I hurried home, grabbed a cigar, and went out to the deck, turning on the lights that rim the railing, which provides light to read and write by when night comes and gives me the added benefit of pissing off the neighbors (they're on the board of the Home Owners' Association, and they don't like my lights, but can't get an "official" order from the board to make me take them down). My ideas turned into four pages of notes, so now I'm going back to my original outline and fixing stuff there first. That way I have a working model of how the book plays out. Then I'll simply retype or cut and paste the existing material with the new stuff.

I'm much happier now.

There's probably only one or two of you who really care, but so what? This is one of the things I like about scribbling. When you want to throw the fracking book in the trash, your subconscious arrives like the calvary to save the day.


  1. Walking (actually pacing in the house) is where I find my muse lounging.

  2. David, I often pace myself! Guess it's what writers do.