Friday, January 7, 2011

Justified Sins--FREE

We're getting ready to kick off SHOW NO MERCY here at the writing ranch and to get things going I'm going to let you have my previous novel, JUSTIFIED SINS, free of charge. This offer is good until January 14th and you have to visit my page at Smashwords.Com and enter this code: TR66G.

Here is the link to my Smashwords site:

In return, if you could leave a review on Amazon that would be great.

The book has a new cover to match the layout of SHOW NO MERCY, by the way, which is ten times better than the previous drawing I had used.

Have fun with it.

And check out SHOW NO MERCY when it's released later this month. I'm going to do some excerpts here on the blog so you can have a taste...

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