Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heard Through the Walls of My Apartment....

Hi, gang. It's been quiet on the blog the last week or so because I've been relocating--to a whole new town. It's an exciting time as this is the first time I have been able to afford my own apartment. For the last ten years I've been renting rooms from other people. The downside to this is that I have no furniture of my own, so the living room is bare.

For the first month or so I am skipping cable television, so the apartment is not only bare but also quiet, but it is not without built-in entertainment. The walls in this place are decent but even the thickest walls cannot keep the loudest noise from getting through, and tonight I heard a couple of wild hollerings from neighbors that I absolutely must share.

First, on the kitchen side of the apartment, I heard a woman shout (to apparently her male counterpart), "If yo' momma had put her foot in yo' ass when you were young you'd be an entirely different person today." I tried, I strained, I even put a glass to the wall, but I did not hear the gentleman's response.

Then, down the hall on the bedroom side of my place, I heard another woman yell, "Don't you just look at me and go meow meow meow." One assumes she was yelling at her cat, and one also assumes, from having owned many cats, that the poor kitty was hungry and momma hadn't yet realized this. Either that or she indeed fed the animal, and the cat was trying to con more food out of her. That is not outside the realm of possibility.

So, as my second week in this domicile begins, I look forward to more entertaining snippets from the neighbors that I will delightfully share.

Also, coming up in a few days or so, I will share with you a round-up of my appearances around the web promoting my new spy novel, Show No Mercy. The indie community (and other seasoned pros) welcomed my work with open arms, and it's been a great experience. Till then.....


  1. So, you'll be being very quiet, I guess, so we don't read on someone else's blog what you've been doing. :)

  2. Brian, it sounds like you hit the motherlode of short-story-idea riches moving into that joint. May I suggest googling "World's Greatest Earplugs" online, for use on Friday and Saturday nights--they blank out up to 30 decibels. I used them when I lived in the Hollywood foothills.
    Best regards, and thanks so much for the sidebar link.
    Elaine Ash