Monday, January 27, 2014

Typing like a Madman

My lack of updates can be attributed to an extended time behind the keyboard actually trying to get some work done. The Rogue Gentleman #2: Mine to Avenge is done, and I think it's a really fun book. I'm also blazing away on the next four adventures in the Wolf series, which I write under the name Dean Breckenridge. I've been surprised by the reception the Breckenridge stories have received; he's selling more than I am! I should be pissed, but since it's no secret than Drake and Breckenridge are the same, I'm able to steer readers to the books under my name too.

Anyway more to come eventually. Meanwhile, enjoy a look at the next set of covers for the Breckenridge stories.


  1. I'm sensing a stylistic theme here. :)

    Great to hear the Wolf stories are selling. I read the first one and need to read the second, which I bought. Can't wait for the rest - crank those babies out!

  2. Thank you, Jack! These next four stories are going to be a real experiment. Only "Justified Sins", which is a rewrite of a book by the same title that I wrote under my real name (the story behind that to follow), is more than 100 manuscript pages. Everything else is 40-50 pages in manuscript, and I'm curious as to how readers will react to stories of that length, and what a good price is. So far, .99 seems to work; right now, they're priced at $1.99 to see if I can find any takers there.

    The "girl with gun" theme is indeed intentional. You may recall an earlier conversation we had about action books of the '70s, and a lot of them used covers similar to what I'm doing (such as the Michael Shayne paperbacks from Dell). Once "Mr. Breckenridge" moves on to other series characters, I think I'll keep the theme.

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