Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Quarry?

We are excited to note that 2010 will be a big one for fans of Max Allan Collins. While looking at the Hard Case Crime website tonight, I spotted the cover shot of yet another new Quarry novel, this one entitled Quarry's Ex. This is terrific news and the only bad thing is that we must wait until October before the book drops. What the heck are we going to read until then? Oh, right, Collins has the new Mike Hammer book coming out, among other things. We should be okay.

But we must ask one, simple question: Is Max Allan Collins a real person, or several people working under one name? Who, after all, can write so much, so quickly? It's like he doesn't have a real job or something. He can spend, like, twelve hours a day writing. Does he have a toilet built into his desk chair? Because that would be really cool.

Irregardless if Collins is of one or of many (and I know irregardless is not a real word, but I like using it, especially with people who don't know it's not a real word), a new Quarry is always something to look forward to, and we shall celebrate this news with a glass of milk. In a dirty glass.

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