Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yup, We're Going to Try This.....

At this point it indeed looks like I'll go the Kindle route with my "trunk novel" in an effort to experiment with using Facebook, Twitter, my blog, and other avenues to raise interest. Currently the manuscript is being read by a few partners in crime who are making sure I won't doing the equivalent of running outside without my clothes on, and so far all reports indicate all is well. Of course, they haven't reached the end yet.

I have decided that if ebooks are the way of the future (something I'm still not convinced of, though they may be a big part of the future) I had better get comfortable with the format, and if Amazon is taking material, why not? Plus, if I can build some sort of following, that will help when the ink-and-paper books come out. (The spy novel I just finished will continue to circulate via traditional submissions.) If nothing else, I can learn, without spending any money, how to use all of todays resources in promotion efforts, and actually have something to promote. I'm expecting one heck of an education. Amazon provides help in this area, so I'll take advantage of that, too. I also have a few other tricks, learned from actor friends, that I'd like to modify for this effort.

Of course, if this does more harm than good, I guess I'll have to find another name to write under. Maybe I'll go back to my real name. Then I can say my real name is actually my pen name. How cool is that? It's a bitch to spell, though; don't even try to pronounce it.


  1. A cross between Mack Bolan (the real Bolan of the Pendleton books and Paladin would be cool enough. Throw in a touch of Batman and it sounds irresistible. Best of luck with Kindle.

  2. Yeah, Evan, the REAL Mack Bolan. I'll be happy to sell one copy, but I'm sure there will be more than that. I'm still trying to determine if it's possible to download and read a Kindle book without having a Kindle, but no luck so far.