Friday, May 21, 2010

Return to The Big Sleep

There are many books in my TBR pile but, today, I didn't feel like reading one of those. Instead I grabbed Chandler's The Big Sleep and planned only to read certain sections as I smoked a Drew Estate ACID cigar and drank a Coca-Cola.

A few sections started with page one and by the time I had finished my cigar I was 50 pages in.

Chandler sure knew how to put a bunch of words together.

It still makes me cringe that he forgot to tell us who killed Owen Taylor, but I think it's a cinch the Joe Brody did it and 1) misjudged the power of his blackjack swing and 2) Owen died from the injury but it took a while. Brody was, of course, shot himself before the subject could be explored further.

The Big Sleep is still the only Chandler book I own. I may have to put the rest of the collection on my birthday and Christmas list.

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  1. Chandler (with Hemingway) I read over and over and... It's like going to class where I enjoy the subject.