Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Scott Stiletto Returns!

Now that the Steve Dane series is pretty much done (Dane #4 is in the can and coming soon) I've decided to finally continue with CIA agent Scott Stiletto, who originally appeared in The Termination Protocol a couple of years ago. That was meant as a one-shot, but some friends said they liked the character, so why not give a series a try? This required some rewriting of the original story to actually set it up as a series, and writing Stiletto #2 was a quick project (well, a month or two), and now I'm plotting Stiletto #3. Meanwhile, I had some kick-ass covers made by my buddy James at GoOnWrite.Com.

Here they are. I hope you'll like the series as much I like writing it. I'm going all-out with this one, writing something I would have submitted to Gold Eagle back in the '80s, and actually very much wanted to, but when you're 14 who's going to take you seriously? Even I laugh at my old manuscripts now. Sure learned a lot, though.

 Anyway the first three books feature Stiletto as a rough-and-tough CIA operative; after book three, things take a different course, and he becomes a free-lance operative so as to better take on threats that the CIA / US wouldn't handle. If this does well, I have at least ten stories in the pipeline with more to come.

And that's not all. I also have a plan to bring back Mr. Wolf, the vigilante hero I wrote about under the Dean Breckenridge pen name. I want to do several novels with him; my ideas include an origin story that will knock your socks off, literally one of those stories I've been working on for years but never quite knew what to do with.

Enjoy the covers. More updates soon!