Saturday, August 14, 2010

Justified Sins Now Available

Hey, gang--

My book, Justified Sins, was published today as a multi-format ebook at Smashwords; the Amazon Kindle edition is pending once Amazon gets its head out of its nether region as some issues have cropped up by I digress. This is my second assault on the ebook citadel. Bring on the haters.

When Sheila Webster’s husband is killed a after double-crossing the men who hired him to crack one last safe, she finds herself the next target. What her husband stole, he managed to hide, and now the men who hired him are after her to get the stolen goods back. There’s only one person she can turn to. Her foster brother. A dangerous man named Mr. Pierce, who sets out to not only settle the score but protect the only family he has left.

Here's the link to my book page, where you can sample the first half of the book free of charge or make a purchase:

I’d appreciate y’all taking a peek. And please help me spread the word.

Thank you for your support!

Until we meet under the big Montana skies,

Brian Drake

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  1. Best of luck, sir. I'm looking forward to reading my copy.