Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time is Running Out, or: We Love Coupons!

Hey, everybody--

Don't forget that I have the new e-book, Justified Sins, on sale for $.99 until September 14th. You'll find it on which will let you download for other e-readers than Kindle, and Kindle too if you have it.

Go to my page at Smashwords.Com (Brian Drake on Smashwords) and use this code: CG36G

If you like your hard-boiled mixed with shoot-em-up action this is the book for you. Here's a short description:

When Sheila Webster’s husband is killed a after double-crossing the men who hired him to crack one last safe, she finds herself the next target. What her husband stole, he managed to hide, and now the men who hired him are after her to get the stolen goods back. There’s only one person she can turn to. Her foster brother. A dangerous man named Mr. Pierce.

Some have asked where the inspiration for Mr. Pierce came from, other than the men's adventure paperbacks I read growing up, and I'll talk about that soon. In the meantime, thank you for looking!

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