Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Could Pop a Brain Cell

Each time I finish a manuscript, I like to take time away from writing and do something else, which is usually reading (somebody else's book for a change) and loafing on the deck.

Lately, though, each time I finish a book and make it available at the Amazon Kindle Store, I end up spending a great amount of time looking for blogs friendly to "indie" authors and sending them queries about doing a guest post in which I might write a general article and promote the new ebook at the same time.

This in itself is a full-time job. And you could pop a brain cell doing this. Every blog seems to blur together after a while, and even with careful record keeping you think you've emailed the same person two or maybe three times, but it's nice when they write back and say they'd love to have you visit. I have two or three things lined up right now, and they'll appear shortly.

It's great to see so many readers and bloggers dedicated to finding good self-published writers because it furthers my goal of building an audience with the ebooks that I can show to a traditional publisher. I know that "real authors" think we indies suck harder than a guitar amplifier that doesn't go to eleven, but that's okay. I always take the side of the underdog and I'm not much of a joiner so I don't need a seat at the "cool table", but thanks anyway, guys.

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